The Ontology Engineering Group (OEG) is based at the Computer Science School at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM).  The OEG is in the 8th position in the ranking of UPM research groups. It is composed of 35 researchers with a consolidated reputation in the fields of: ontological engineering, data integration, data science, linked data and semantic web, natural language processing and eScience. The OEG has participated in 46 European projects, coordinating 8 of them (Ontogrid, SemSorGrid4Env, SEALS, LIDER, SEMDATA, BigStorage, LYNX and STARS4ALL). Some relevant EU IST projects were: MKBEEM, Onto-Web, Esperonto, OntoGrid, NeOn, SEEMP, Knowledge Web, SemsorGrid4Env, ADMIRE, DynaLearn, SEALS, SCALUS, MONNET, PlanetData, Wf4Ever, Ready4SmartCities, MOBILE-AGE, DrInventor, LIDER, BigStorage, KOPAR, Clarity, SlideWiki, Vicinity, Transforming Transport, SIMON, OASIS (CEF Telecom) Gof4R, TheyBuy4You, EasyTV and LYNX. The impact of the research published by the OEG is very high, having been cited by many and different authors.

The OEG is the ODI Node Madrid and UPM is a full member of the Big Data Value Association (BDVA and part of the Board of Directors).