Simplifying the parallelism with Generic Parallel Patterns

On November 19 (2019), Dr. José Daniel García gave this talk at UCM. Hereafter is the summary:

Generic programming offers a mechanism to abstract software components without translating this abstraction into a cost overrun. This has allowed us to be able to express patterns and algorithms in common use, allowing application programmers to focus on the details of application software. This idea has been, for decades, one of the principles of the Standard Template Library (STL) of the C ++ language. The same principle can be applied to parallel skeletons and patterns of parallelism patterns, which apply the idea of ​​design pattern to the case of parallel programming. In this case, an additional configuration parameter is the execution model to be used. In this talk, I will consider various aspects of the integration of parallel programming and generic programming ideas. I will give a very general view of the current status in C ++ 17 and focus on an alternative approach based on the GrPPI (Generic and reusable Parallel Pattern Interface) library.

The slides can be found here.